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Home Elevator California
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Home Elevator California

At ihomelevator, you achieve substantial savings on a new home elevator. Home Elevator is available to California and Arizona residents.  Your home elevator is fabricated and tested by skilled technical experts. Home Elevator is crafted according to the highest standards of workmanship and professionalism.  All home elevator projects are installed according to your community’s local building code. 

Home elevator can be installed in new construction or an existing home. An ihomeelevator installation promises to be both a luxurious and practical addition to your home.  Our home elevator client history is vast. Home elevators range from high end glass elevators used to access a third story observatory, to a functional home elevator unit designed to transport a paralyzed family member to the bedroom.  Whatever your home elevator need, we have the experience and technology to meet install and maintain the right home elevator.  

home elevator

Home Elevator Specifications

Home Elevator General Specs:
• Rated load: 950 lbs. (430 kg) (750 and 700 lbs. available)
• Speed: 40 fpm (.20ms)
• Home Elevator Data plates and capacity tags
• Minimum pit depth: 6"
• Minimum overhead clearance Home Elevator: 8’-6" (optional hydraulic drive requires 8’-0")
• Home Elevator Maximum travel: 50’
• Maximum number of Home Elevator stops: 5 (minimum 17” travel between stops)
• Home Elevator Presentation drawings

Home Elevator Mechanical Equipment:
• 208/230V, 60 Hz, 20 amp single phase power supply
• Home Elevator Modular dual 6-1/4 lb. T-rail system
• Two #60 roller chains
• Home Elevator Sling assembly
• Counterweighted chain drive home elevator with frequency controlled variable speed geared machine; also available as hydraulic drive with submersed pump assembly and 2 speed valve

Home Elevator Car and Appointments:
• Car sizes: 36" x 48" (12 sq ft), 36" x 60" (15 sq ft), 40" x 54" (15 sq ft), Inside car height is 84". (Custom sizes are available between 12 sq ft and 15 sq ft.- consult factory)
• Durable melamine wall panels (champagne, light oak, dark oak or white)
• Home Elevator comes standard with white ceiling
• Two recessed lights with white bezels
• Wooden handrail to match wall panels
• Home Elevator Accordion car gate (champagne, chalk, light oak, dark oak or white)
• Unfinished plywood floor in home elevator (removable 3/4” thick finished floor by others)
• Digital floor position/diagnostic indicator
• Home Elevator has telephone

Home Elevator Controls:
• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Intel© digital signal processor
• Fully automatic operation for home elevator
• Car operating panel (brushed stainless steel or brass)
• Home elevator has Brushed stainless steel or brass hall stations with digital position indicators and call acknowledgement
• Automatic car lighting with constant on switch
• Home Elevator has automatic homing to a predetermined floor
• Bi-directional leveling
• Home Elevator has Emergency stop switch
• Emergency alarm button
• Hoistway wiring with conduit (hall stations / interlocks)
• Uninterruptible home elevator power supply (UPS) for lowering and automatic gate operation (if supplied) in case of a power failure

Home Elevator Safety Devices:
• 115 VAC lockable auxiliary disconnect for car lighting circuit
• 208/230 VAC lockable auxiliary disconnect for drive unit circuit
• Upper and lower terminal limits for home elevator
• Final limits (2 upper, 1 lower)
• Slack chain/rope safety for home elevator
• Pit switch
• Car top stop switch for home elevator
• Battery backup emergency light and alarm
• Home elevator comes standard with car gate safety switch
• Electromechanical interlocks (for doors by others)

Home Elevator - Other Options:
• Home elevator offers unfinished wood veneer panels (oak, cherry or birch)
• Home elevator offers unfinished raised panel wood walls (oak, cherry or birch)
• 88" and 94" car heights
• Recessed telephone cabinet inside home elevator (brushed stainless steel or brass, or polished stainless steel or brass)
• Factory applied finish to wood wall panels and handrail in home elevator
• Matching wood veneer ceiling panel with raised wood or veneer wall panels
• Telephone cabinet, hall stations and car operating panel can be provided in polished stainless steel or brass in home elevator
• Metal handrail (brushed stainless steel or brass, or polished stainless steel or brass)
• Automatic car gate operator with light beam safety curtain
• Automatic hoistway door operator for home elevator
• External modem for remote diagnostics
• Remote machine room elevator controller for home elevator
• Installation/inspection pendant control
• Counterweight safety device
• Buffer springs (requires 12” deep pit minimum)

Home Elevator Car Gate Upgrades:
• Accordion car gate with 3 clear vision panels
• Accordion car gate with all clear vision panels in home elevator
• Deluxe Visifold® car gate
• Accordion car gate with solid aluminum panels with clear or brass anodized finish for home elevator
• Accordion car gate with perforated aluminum panels with clear or brass anodized finish

Home Elevator Control Upgrades:
• Key switch controls in car operating panel and/or hall stations for home elevator


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